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New England Card Table, Ca. 1810

USA Ca. 1810

A New England card table probably made in coastal New Hampshire, Ca, 1810. All the primary wood is mahogany. The finish appears to be original or very early.

The bow front with serpentine side edges of the flip top has a patterned inlay and a beveled edge on the lower top. The freeze is inlaid with a band of curly satinwood that has line inlay above and a small patterned inlay below. The tops of the legs are inlaid with crotch satinwood or birch with light and dark stringing.

The table is a bit higher than most at 30″





The finish has an all over somewhat crystalized finish that is even except for an area of the top that may have had something a bit hot on it. The brass hinges may be replacements. The top does have a slight warp.

It has a minor amount of dings and finish disturbances that would be normal for a very well cared for table.


30"H X 36.25"W X 17.5"D

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