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Masonic Scottish Rite Chart, Ca. 1840

Anglo-American Ca. 1840

Masonic Scottish Right chart printed on what appears to be silk. The framing was probably done around 1900.  The saw tooth and red border are printed directly on the fabric. A true survivor as silk does not age well unless  protected.

I had difficulty taking photos of it as it is under glass.




Normal wear, tears and discoloration from age. This could use professional conservation.


27.5" H X 30.2" W sight size, 34.25" H X 38.5" W frame size

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Chinese Mandarin Painted and Lacquered Fan

A late 19th century Chinese fan, many of which were exported to the West from the 1850s on. The paper is brightly painted in gouache water color and the sticks are black lacquered with intricate two tone gold with red highlights. The painted scenes are of Mandarins in court yard settings.