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Barber Bowl, Tournai Belgium Ca. 1770

Belgium Ca. 1770

A barber bowl produced at the Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory of Tournai in Belgium. The complex decorative design consists of bow ties, swags and wreaths, various flowers and one central fly. Many pieces were produced with cobalt blue, including the “fly” decoration as does this one with gold highlighting.

Barber bowls of this exquisite type were undoubtedly used in well to do private homes. This example is in nearly new condition. It bears the factory’s mark on the underside of crossed swords with stars in gold..





Nearly perfect condition as manufactured. Very small scattered flakes of gold missing from the edge of the rim. There is a very short firing crack at the center of the neck cut-out less than 1/2" long.


13"L X 10.25"W X 2.5"D

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