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American Federal Period Inlaid Cherry Candle Stand

United States Ca. 1790

A decorative and rare Connecticut River Valley cherry table with possibly unique inlays made at the end of the 18th century. While the details of the form of this table are not unusual the inlay is from the individual imagination of the maker who had probably seen vaguely related designs before making this stand. The slant checkered inlay was probably made by an inlay specialist. However the corner quarter round 4 part heat shaded inlays are the first I have seen as well as the complicated compass plotted central circular inlay. The well formed slender legs are dovetailed into the central post and have an old sheet metal brace applied to the bottom to help support one leg that had pulled away from the post which broke out at the bottom. See below under condition report for more info. Aside from the top all other surfaces have a very old intact and pleasing finish including the edge of the top.




Good. The top was cracked at some point when someone tried to flatten a warp and an attempt was made to restore it. The old repairs were undone and redone recently. A disk will be included upon request showing the repair steps taken.


Height: 28.75 in.
Width/Length: 15 in.
Depth: 14.38 in.

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